Farbror Resande Mac - Yttre Rymden LP

from Mystic & Quantum

listen: soundcloud.com/mystic-quantum-records/farbror-resande-mac-yttre-rymden-mq004-preview
"Yttre rymden is a travel by boat leading to adventures around the world. Yttre rymden might mean outer space but what defines outer space sometimes depend on which way you look at things. This story looks at the outside world from within and utilizes travels and adventures as a way to explore the world as outer space."

6 tracks album story

limited copies 180:
90 copies Silk Screen printing white over black cardboard
90 copies Silk Screen printing white over red cardboard
high quality white vinyl

Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio.
Artwork-layout – Alek Stark
photo by Leolyxxx
A project of your friend Vagon Brei

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